Boxer, Cachorros, Boxers; Razas de Perros, Campeon Boxer





We are aware of the importance of female and carefully analyze why females remain or be acquired, we are also concerned about the adequate supply of copies and puppies in the kennel, we use super premium food, Royal Canin. food that has given us very good results
All this because we know that the puppies we produce will be spending family life and will live many years with them, so we strive to possess the best genetic support so he can develop in all its fullness and beauty to enjoy and be enjoyed for a long time.

Each of our females as well as having excellent pedigrees, show outstanding physical qualities, beautiful heads, properly structured, and above all excellent temperament, a quality that must take great care as this is what defines the breed.
also consented to have them, not only physically well cared for also in the emotional, often we get to roam the countryside, We really enjoy.

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