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  Fabian and Lillian,  and we are the persons behind FyLBoxers.

The Boxer love, seeing him for his athletic and physical peculiar, and to treat for his great personality and charm After these years of breeding, we have tried to produce the best puppies we can, therefore incorporate European lines in our breeding program, and found that indeed the European Boxer, has more desirable characteristics, better heads, more bone and substance and above all better Temperament.

We breed to the Deutscher Boxer   FCI standard    and   focus on the working ability, structure and conformation of the breed. Being that we are a family and we care for our dogs and dont do this as a living but as a hobby we breed occasionally.  We are proud to say that we had our first American boxer litter back in 2000  and we continued breeding the American line for many years until we fell in love with the German lines. German boxers have more bone, substance and have different head types than their American counterparts which are more refined in type, are rectangular rather than square. European boxer dogs have a shorter muzzle rather than long like the Americans.

Our gorgeous  boxers are from 100% European bloodlines. We breed  Flashy  / solid Fawn, brindle, reverse brindle and   white.

After placing a puppy we continue to keep in touch with all families by building a life lasting relationship. Our goal is to breed a dog that is going to spend many many happy years with their new families and how do we do that? We keep our eyes wide open when it comes to health, we also import healthy dogs from all over Europe that come from healthy ancestors. We also strive  for breeding a puppy that can obtain  the highest possible conformation ratings. 

We strive to select the perfect families and homes for our puppies and adult dogs always taking into consideration that will compliment both dog and human temperaments. We are very proud of our dogs, and it shows in the way they are raised and cared for here. Our boxer puppies come with a written guarantee and have been vet-checked, socialized, vaccinated to date, above all, have been very much loved by us.

A brave and determined Guardian To purchase a puppy, to be carried in a beautiful boxer, complete, typical, babysitter, charming and really defend, and while it will fill you with satisfaction in exhibitions of Beauty .....

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