Boxer, Cachorros, Boxers; Razas de Perros, Campeon Boxer


Our puppies are delivered Registered 
with International Pedigree, properly
tattooed and micro chipped, vaccinated
and shipments are made throughout
the Mexican Republic and abroad.
shipping charge to future owner

Interested call at 011 52 + 1+ 3881036335

Our Puppies Boxer 




    very active 
    sure of themselves 
    excellent companions 
    fellow stalwarts of children 
    clean by nature 

Our Boxers are part of our everyday family atmosphere. This ensures proper stimulation and socialization of puppies. And we hope that the new owner continue to give this kind of treatment following our RECOMENDATIONS.

The boxer needs to spend a lot of energy and require constant attention and pampering, like children.


Our puppies come from excellent lines, which have excellent 'temperaments'

Therefore also the children must be taught that puppies are not plush, but living beings who feel as we do. For children and boxers are highly complementary


The only puppies that are not register are whites, although our first generation white puppies are beautiful and free from defect, but by the breed standard are not register. (Not recommended for breeding) (Recommended for guard and company)


Remember that these puppies will be with us for at least 10 years or more depending on their quality of life. They are very attached and loyal to their families and as living beings, they need love, affection, care, loyalty and attachment.


Think well on the decision to get a puppy because we will be responsible for providing the love, support and a home for as long as you live


These beautiful puppies need families willing to adopt them as a member of the family


We will provide all the information relating to adaptation, food, and can ask any questions related to the puppy.



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