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Name:  Red Bull by Fyl
      Pride Of Fyl's son

Sexo: Macho


Red Bull ‘Junior’


Available for Stud


As we call one of our future promises

son of our Pride Of Fyl and Fiona de la Estribera.

Junior seriously is the pride of the house
not only because it has an excellent head, a very particular expression between Typical and sentimental

and seriously, has a very correct head, excellent neck, very elegant, very desirable, excellent shoulders and front angles,
a front very, very proper, wide, low rib cage

Prie Of Fyl
Fiona de la Estribera
Ramazotti Vom House Romeo
Juno Kyra Orban
Posseidon Di noi Vincere
Rita de la Estribera
Great grandparents:
Ismo Vom  House Romero
Yingyang Van Sapho's Hoeve
TetenyVolgyi Max
Pola Negri Orban
Balu Vom House Romeo
Golden Eyes Di noi Vincere
Ator Boxer Del Yucon
Gala de Loermo
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