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Name: Messi de Joanxichcan
Sexo: Male

Messi de Joanxichcan


      Available for Stud


First, our thanks to the successful  breeder

Jordi  Agrill from Spain of  JOANXICHCAN kennel.

for allowing us to acquire Messi

Thank you for your consideration, patience and professionalism.

undoubtedly greatly benefit our lines, as it has an excellent phenotype

 and genotype, messi is a copy, with an excellent head and expression,

good bite, wide, those who unfortunately little seen, with great pigmentation.

solidly built, well set neck, elegant, high withers, short loin,

good angulation front and rear a great face, wide, very strong

Messi has an excellent temperament, strong, is also an accomplished clown

Besides its obvious characteristics, Messi has a higher genetics class,

Visit the Pedigree section undoubtedly find that issue that there always

 admired and wanted to incorporate their LINES.


Parents :

 Sandro de Villa Astur

              Dilleta de la Gens Clodia

Grandparents :  Rudy Dell'Alfiere

Nuit Rouge Du Moulin D'en Haut

Ago del Colle Dell'Infinito

Cheyenne de Joanxichcan


great grandparents

Benito del Colle Del l'Infinito

Debora Dell'Alfiere

Gym Du Moulin D'en Haut

Jade Du Moulin D'en Haut


Ibsen Von Der Seambacher Flur

Tullia Dell Colle Dell'Infinito

Caruso Di Soragna

Yuma de Vallgorguina

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